Friday, March 31, 2006

Someone actually commented on one of my posts. What a world we live in.

Today I drove Al Jazeeras hugh jass Cadillac (which I have had for several months because of his bad debts) to Salt Lake. Good Times. The car is huge and burgundy and tinted and smoky. The thing about a car like that is, they actually have a ton of power, it's just that the old ladies who drive them never step on it. So you see one of these on the road and immediately pull around to pass because let's be honest, they are road barges. But actually, Granny could probably take you to school. That's what the world needs: More horsepower in the hands of the elderly.

Another thing about the Caddy is it has one of those "awesome" digital readouts with lots of extraneous information. It can tell you your average mpg, or if you like to live on the edge, you can set it to tell you your mpg at any given instant. I practiced stomping on the accelerator pedal to see how low I could get the mpg to be. It's pretty amazing. Coasting I could get into the 30's, stomping on it I could get under 5. Taking off from a stop I could spin the tires a bit. It's a boat, but it isn't mine. That definitely has it's perks.

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