Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Broadband is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

A couple of months ago my wife and I signed up for the city's high-speed fiber optic network at home. I now use my iBook anywhere in the house and download songs and shows on iTunes at lightning speed. I also found a widget that lets me watch TV online. I have a Gizmo account with which I can make phone calls anywhere in the world using the computers built in microphone and speakers.

Truly we live in an amazing age. When I get home from work I can combine my three favorite pastimes into a few blissful moments of solitude.

That's right, I can watch TV, on the Internet, on the toilet.

I find it funny though, because if you think about it, the things we are doing with computers today that seem to be so revolutionary and exciting are really nothing new. The only thing that's new is that we do them with computers now. We already had TV's, VCR's, Telephones, and Walkmans-- and those things worked fine. But now we do it all on the computer. We have been sold the same experience in a different package. That's all it is, but I love it anyway. Maybe Apple could make an iToilet. That would be a good idea. I could make some serious downloads.

Gotta go. Time to flush.

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Pink Thunder said...

I just heard the radio ad. It is f#$%ing awesome. I busted a gut listening to it. I think that it is going to do great. People are going to love it. Gotta go so I can flush the toilet.