Saturday, April 01, 2006

Geely has announced that they will enter the US automobile market in 2008. Industry analysts have not expressed the kind of scepticism I expected. I guess they aren't familiar with Geely's scooters.
This is troubling news to me. After seeing the wonderful scooters Geely has produced over the past couple of years, I fear that we may soon see cars for sale at Pep-Boys and WalMart at ridiculously low prices. And American rednecks will buy them by the ton. "Hell Cletus, even you can afford this car!"

Actually though, this may not be such a bad thing. If we've learned anything from Geely's scooters, we have learned that they are extremely dangerous and incredibly shoddy. Bear with me here: What this boils down to is, anybody who buys a Geely car is likely to eliminate themselves from the gene pool, thereby improving the human genome. In a collective sense, Geely is working to build a better America.

And who could argue with their ad copy? "MR(Sedan) brings you elegant and brisk life. With wings of dreams, we climb to the top of mountains or gallop on plains, chasing the rising sun and the gentle breeze. Sweetness and fragrance floating in the air makes you relaxed and refreshed."

I can't wait to buy one. It sounds like it would make a good douche.

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Xaq said...

Geely is making an automobile, what is this world coming to? I talked to some friends who have two geelys that they bought for $300 dollars, even at $150 each, I still think they got ripped off, considering that one doesn't work, and hasn't worked since they've owned it. Of course maybe Geely will take a page out of Toyota's book, and offer something that has good quality and a low price. Probably not though, plus Toyota just designed bodies to fit on drive trains they already produced to make Scions.