Monday, January 15, 2007

Kent called the other day to tell me about a movie that's going to screen at Sundance. (He goes to the festival every year.) He was appalled and shocked and amused when he read about a film called "Zoo," so he called to tell me about it immediately.


The film is described on the festival guide as follows:
"In the predawn hours of July 2, 2005, a dying man was dropped off at a rural emergency room in the Pacific Northwest. A surveillance camera captured the license plate of the car that deposited the man at the hospital. This led detectives to a nearby horse farm, where they found hundreds of hours of videotape of men from all over the world having sex with Arabian stallions. The man's cause of death was a perforated colon.

Although this incident made headlines and the tabloid news, Zoo is the complete antithesis of what you expect. Robinson Devor's filmmaking is as smart as it is eloquent. To begin with, Zoo is neither graphic nor exploitive. Most of it takes the form of recreations, but from the point of view of the men "who met for years without disturbance in the shadows of Mt. Rainier," as Devor puts it. He cleverly captures the essence of these men and their alienation by creating a visual poetry.

The cinematic language invented for the film permits us to examine where we draw the line, how much perversity we can tolerate in others. In a broader sense, Zoo is really about thresholds. What can we stand to know, and, more importantly, what can we stand to accept?"

"Visual Poetry?" Gross.

My friend Kgordee calls it "Horseback Mountain."


AzĂșcar said...

I heard about this!

I go to Sundance every year but try to avoid this kind of stuff--the stuff that is mostly there to say, "Yeah, Sundance, we're hip, seriously cutting edge, we're still trying to shock you."

p.s. love the label

spitzer said...

I don’t mind the “shocking,” but I can do without the “sundance.” I actually think the movie brings up an intense topic. I know where I draw the line, but where do others? This idea excites and scares me.

La Yen said...

My husband has in-law family that live in that town. It was refernced about a thousand times this Christmas. The children ever threatened that they would have to live there if they misbehaved.

I also love the label.

Justin said...

wow. you know, i actually clicked on the tag "things people stick in their bums", as if i expected you to have more than one post tagged with that phrase.

tiff-fay-fay said...

And to think I wasted my time watching Das Freulin (sp?) when this was out there!