Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yesterday I got a catalog in the mail from one of those companies that sells personalized pens and beer cozies. They had a keychain with a logo bearing the word "POOLIFE" on it. I thought it was a joke so I googled it and found this disturbing tidbit.

Yep, it's a real company. I don't know how this name got past the focus groups and onto their business cards, products and letterhead. Didn't anyone notice? How could they miss it? Did somebody think it was clever? '"Let's think of a name that conveys the relaxed lifestyle of swimming pool ownership. Hmm. . . maybe we could combine the words "pool" and "life."' Is that how POOLIFE was born? Because I don't look at that name and see "pool" and "life." Am I the only one who sees POO LIFE? Doesn't that sort of conjure up the opposite image of the pool lifestyle? Is this stuff supposed to kill germs or preserve them?

Here's one of my favorite products in their "arsenal":

Which slogan do you think is better:
POOLIFE: For the Poo in your Pool
POOLIFE: Adding Poo to your life


AzĂșcar said...

"Because you don't have enough poo!"

Nigel said...

My parents were really into Amway and motivational speakers, etc. Anyway, there was this exercise that came up often at meetings. Read this sentence: Opportunityisnowhere. The "lesson" was people with positive mental attitudes saw "Opportunity is now here." and the negative people saw "Opportunity is nowhere." It's not my attitude (O.K. maybe a little...)it's bad graphic design. Like the year the Mormon Arts Festival put the logo too close to the name and it very clearly read "Mormon Farts Festival".

Lois said...

Maybe they should sell Baby Ruth bars for pools?