Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The first time I saw a picture of Sarah Palin, I said to myself, "That lady looks just like Peggy Hill! I should blog about that."

But then I didn't.

A few days later I decided to google "Sarah Palin Peggy Hill" and I found that about one million other bloggers had beaten me to the punch.

Nevertheless, for your edification I present two pictures I stole from the internet:

Then I found a blogger who took it to the next level and pointed out this resemblance:

Pretty good stuff.


Kaerlig said...

HeeHee. Pretty similar

Lois said...

Hm, does Sarah Palin have really big feet and like to play Boggle?

Does John McCain still have his shins?

Funny, I just blogged about how Joe Biden speaks just like Boomhauer (I didn't even make the other connections).

Now Barack Obama...