Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dear Blogosphere,

I'm afraid I've run out of stories to tell. I've summed up my entire life in a handful of posts and there's nothing left. No juicy bits anyway. Just the mundane details of life. For example, today I woke up and sat down to pee. I've been doing it that way lately, so I can sit and close my eyes and sort-of sleep in in a demented way. I do this until somebody shouts at me to get moving. Then I drag my heels down the hall and start getting ready for work.

Facsinating, isn't it? Now that my vast audience is totally engaged in the excitement that surrounds me, I will regale you with tales of toothbrushing and bloody gums. I may even tell you about skipping breakfast because it was puffed wheat cereal and let's be honest, that's about as exciting as a bowlful of packing peanuts.

Now I'm procrastinating actual work by blogging.

I gotta get a hobby like base jumping or sword swallowing. I'm dying of boredom just thinking about my life.


Kaerlig said...

That would be me. The one shouting.

The Calders said...

Dude, you get to own, and work in a scooter shop...shut your yapper!!

On a more serious note...I would rather eat my own arm then puffed wheat/Rice, rice krispies, cheerios. Anything sugar cannot attach to, I am not eating.