Sunday, February 01, 2009

Recently, courtesy of The Sneeze, I discovered an artist that I really like.  His name is Eric Joyner.  I'm neither an artist nor an art aficionado, but when I started browsing Erics work I was really struck by one painting in particular.  It's called "Mr. Atomic."  (I hope Eric won't mind if I include a couple of pictures here.)

A print of this painting now hangs in my home.  When visitors notice it we joke that it's a portrait of me.  Those who know me well may see the resemblance.  If I indulge in the comparison I would say that I am like our mechanical donut philosopher friend in the sense that I am equal parts popular culture, popular science, thinker, and tinkerer.  Plus I've always liked robots.  

Another painting I can relate to is called "Summertime." 

I like this one because it reminds me of a painting my grandma had in her home. It was a picture of a farmers field, with trees in the distance. I used to stare at it because there were some shapes in the foreground, could have been planks, and I wondered what they were supposed to be. Unlike my grandmas painting, I "get" this one.  Looking at "Summertime" I envision myself enjoying a Summer day like that little red robot. I recall how during my adolescence I struggled so hard to find something or someone in the world to relate to. I was in love with nature and spent a lot of time exploring on my mountain bike. I could commune with nature, but couldn't relate well with people.

Maybe it's the ass-burgers talking, but I feel like I relate to these robots.

The reason I'm writing about all of this is that due to my liking Eric Joyners work so much, I added him as a friend on facebook. Then I emailed him and suggested that he paint a picture of robots on classic scooters. I didn't expect him to take me seriously, but he did. Look at the awesome paintings he came up with:

This one is called "On a Mission."  You can tell that this little guy has something important to do.

This next one is called "Narrow Escape."

How awesome is that?  He actually painted robots on scooters for me!

Another one I really like (which has nothing to do with scooters) is called "Does Not Compute."  The color and lighting of this one is spectacular.  

So bloggers, check out Eric Joyners work here and here.  He even has a book out called "Robots and Donuts."  You can pick it up here.  It's fun for the whole family and makes a great coffee table book.  I hope you like these paintings as much as I do.  And if you'd like to see a print in person, stop by my house or the shop sometime.  Maybe one day you'll even be able to see an original.