Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So I stumbled across Zeebo on Facebook.  Should I:
A) Send her a friend request and see if we can't get the families together for a BBQ
B) Send her a note and  ask her why she felt it necessary to spread nasty rumors about me.
C) Forget I ever found her because she's a psycho hose beast and I don't have a gun, much less a plethora of guns necessitating a gun rack.

The answer is definitely not A, I never want to see her again.  The obvious choice is C.  But part of me really wants to take her to task for the things she said about me.  Then again, it has been over fifteen years since the rumors made their way back to me.  Why reawaken them, right?  But they were really nasty rumors, the kind that ruin reputations for good.  It's very tempting to do something.  

Advice anyone?


Kaerlig said...

I'm curious too why she said the crap she did but I think you should do C. Opening up rotten trash stinks.

Remember the pumpkins?

~j. said...

Wait until she finds you and then take her to task. (she's mental, get the net.)

AzĂșcar said...


The Calders said...

Is she still local? I would advise D- you make a false profile of someone that she might know, make it real enough that she will try to figure out who it is exactly, and become her friend.

Then go about freaking her out in random ways.

Or C.


Manna said...

I vote choice E. Spread around the nasty truth that her breath smells like a 3 day old tampon.

your lil' sis,