Friday, July 17, 2009

Today my wife told me that for every Mexican Coke I drink I have to swim a mile. I am behind now by two miles.

Also today was the second day in a row spent without a phone in my pocket. I dropped my well-loved iPhone two days ago (for about the millionth time) and this time, unlike all the other times, it didn't recover. I took it apart in the vain hope of fixing it and gave up when I saw how tiny everything is in there. I'm pretty good at fixing almost anything, but the iPhone might as well be a Liahona because it is of very curious workmanship. I think I'll be phoneless for a while. It's sort-of liberating. My wife says I can get a simple phone for phone calls, but no replacement Urim and Thummim for the time being. That's like telling an alcoholic to replace the sauce with Sprite, and expecting them to jump for joy. My digital life is over.

On the plus side, maybe I won't be pestering my facebook friends to chat while I'm on the toilet.


John said...

When you replace it, make sure you get something like a silicone skin. I was dropping my Nokia tablet all the time until I bought a silicone skin for it on eBay. Now it's grippier so I don't drop it as much and it stays in my pocket plus there is a little cushion for when it does fall to the floor.

Want to know more about me? said...

If that were the deal for me, I would be behind about....1000 miles.

I'm so glad your still my Coke drinking friend :)