Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm not feeling nearly as quiet and desperate as I was when I changed my blog around, so maybe it's time for another change.

What do you readers suggest for a name?


AzĂșcar said...

The Dangerous Lounge

One Kidney Less

The Ladder Toss

The Scooter Cooter

YOU'RE WELCOME for the Scooter Cooter.

The Calders said...

Breaking Dawn? I think that might be copywrited:)

Desperately Seeking Medical Attention.

Desperately Examining Vespa's Everyday...DAVE.

Of course the D, could be pretty much anything.

2010, the Year that didn't suck.

Just my 2 cents.



John Roylance said...

Something like John is Awesome would be great. I also like Roylance Rules. You could even use a Z instead of the S. That makes it hard core. What about Hard Core. WOW that might be it.

Kaerlig said...

Daved and Confused

The Meat Behind the Mechanic

Life outside of scooters


But please, for the love, not The Scooter Cooter. Bad Bad Bad.

Manna said...

How bout.....I Still Have the Other One.

or Matt suggests: Two Wheels, One Kidney

The Calders said...

Even though I think mine are good. I am such a big Tommy Boy fan, that I have to like Manna's as well.

Nigel said...

My new title choice is, "Insert kidney joke here".