Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Notes on Crystal to the Rescue

My sweet little daughter loves to draw and write stories.  When she hangs out with me at the shop she takes all the printer paper, the stapler, and a box of markers and gets to work binding her own books.

The story below was one of my favorites but it just about broke my heart.  I fear that she feels she is always left behind.  I worry about what might happen to her.

Just this morning as she told me about the outfit she was putting together for the day, I looked at her eyes and was struck by how bright and clear they are.  I said a silent prayer that nothing would ever happen to her to darken those eyes.  Yet I know that those things happen in all our lives.  And I know that those things can turn for our good.  Yet I pray that nothing ever darkens her bright eyes.  And I hope against hope.

Last night we were having ice cream and she said, "Daddy, if I died would you be sad forever?"

I answered, "Yes, sweetheart."  But there are no words to express the grief that would consume my every waking moment.

As I prayed this morning, I thought of how the Savior entreated us all to be as little children, and I imagine he means that our eyes should be as my daughters eyes, bright and clear.  But doesn't it also say somewhere that we should wise as serpents?  I don't know how to reconcile that.

I just want my daughter to always be safe.

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