Friday, December 07, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter-- first draft

Hey Fellas,

I've been trying like crazy to think of a really great Christmas letter idea, but with one noted exception I've come up empty handed.  The only really good idea I had was baseball themed and made little sense due to the fact that nobody in our family has ever (or likely will ever) play baseball.

So here we are.  Like two awkward teens on a first date.  Nothing to talk about.  

The last thing I want to do is resort to a formulaic, paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown of each family member.  You don't want to read that.  You want the juicy details of our exciting lives.  You've been waiting on pins and needles all year to see what amazing things we've been doing, while your own monotonous lives have droned on.  You've dreamed of the accomplishments of our fascinating children, yet your own kids have been mind-numbingly mediocre.

Well I got bad news for you.  We are just as lame as you are.

Here's what we did this year:  The same stuff we did last year, but with more gray hair.  

Truthfully though, there were a few standout moments:

Exxxx is our little angel.  She won the Reflections art contest.  This years theme was, "The Magic of a Moment."  She drew a bunch of fairies.  Somehow we missed the awards ceremony.  So much for that magical moment.  

Dxxxxx picked up the trumpet.  He put it down shortly thereafter.  Also he got a retainer to straighten his teeth and now his mouth smells like a cat farm.

Rxxxxx began demanding we drive him everywhere, even to his friends house three doors down the street.  So that's new.  Of course we refuse to do so because we don't want Maury Povich to have to rescue him with a bulldozer and a personal trainer someday.  

Kaerlig was released from the Young Women's Presidency and called to be the Primary President.  She promptly made me a primary teacher.  So now she's my boss at home, at work AND at church.

Merry Christmas
The Hurtados

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Unknown said...

Definately one of the best Christmas letters I have read. It is going to be tough to beat. I am really feeling much better about our family. :) Thanks for brightening my day. We hope to get our families together over the holidays!